Will it reveal five Thanoses!? Time will only tell!
  • Friends — we know Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 — the sequel to the incredible original Guardians of the Galaxy created by director James Gunn — is not going to a traditional film, and every detail that comes out of the woodwork sounds crazier than the last. This one is unique — James Gunn has declared on Twitter that his upcoming film is going to have no less than FIVE post credit sequences.


    Marvel recently has had two a film, which seemed like a lot, with the original Guardians of the Galaxy having one having a memorable one involving Howard the Duck — the much maligned movie character, and adored comic book fowl. The scene was a goofy parody of what we would expect for one, and I hope these post credits scenes are the same.

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  • Plus, the other scene was seeing Baby Groot! Here are some of what I hope to see in the post credits scenes —

    1. Baby Groot becomes Teenage Groot and breaks out in zits which in the Guardians universe are small dog heads.

    2. We finally see Iron Man — it’d be wild if he would appear in these films!

    3. Rocket Raccoon, comes into his room, and inside he finds Gideon’s Bible.

    4. The Moon gives Star Lord a kiss with its luscious moon lips.

    5. Boward the Dog? Is that a character? Like a dog Howard the Duck? Is that anything?

    Anyway, you have to go see the movie to find out, and we are excited! What do you think though? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrenidng.