Phillip DeFranco Calls Out DaddyoFive For Abuse

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  • Popular YouTuber Phillip DeFranco called out the YouTube channel DaddyoFive for abusing their kids in a series of weird “pranks” that involved often doing terrible things to their kids including tricking them into thinking they did something bad, pretending to break all their stuff, and pushing them violently into furniture until the kids are bleeding. To many it may look like alleged abuse — as it certainly does here. It doesn’t look great.

    DeFranco points out that while the parents may claim this is just a prank, it certainly doesn’t seem that way at all to the kids in this situation — which often focus on bullying one crying kid. The footage clearly shows the kid wanting the cameras to go away, getting pushed around, terrified and generally being treated very cruelly in the name of pranks. The family is under fire, with BBC amongst other outlets discussing their questionable videos.

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