Easter Alligator Saunters onto Porch

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  • Easter bunny!? Pshaw— such things are for wimps! If you live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, maybe you’ve witnessed the far more ferocious and terror inducing — easter alligator! Or at least that’s what one family got to experience after the terrifying nine foot creature worked its way onto this family’s porch.

    The video of the event is chilling, and whomever eventually chased the alligator off must have nerves from another planet, to tangle with such a beast. And to record it to boot! I mean, we’re simply human! We don’t have the almighty power of… the horse!

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Protect us Stompy! Protect us from the lizard creature! Save us Stompy, save us!

    Man, two gator videos in one week. I wonder how many next week will bring. Maybe… three!?!?!?! We can only hope.

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