John Oliver Tears Down The Myth of Ivanka Trump

Complicit? Mitigating force? We really don't know enough to tell!
By Alex Firer
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  • As much as the world for the most part seems to be united in its hate of Donald Trump, his child and child in law seem to be a completely different, more divided matter. Many people see Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter which he adores to make completely disgusting comments about, as some kind of mitigating force for the ridiculous blob of inhumanity that is the president’s administration. Many others believe she’s complicit in her father’s behavior, and John Oliver makes one thing clear — we don’t know anything about them, and that is not an accident.

    John Oliver goes into detail on the ridiculousness of Ivanka and Jared — how Ivanka is seen as a mitigating force on everything good, but seems to, by strategy, distance herself on any bad decisions the president makes. Jared is rarely seen speaking, but seems to be involved in every gigantic project the president seems to want to be involved in, from peace in the Middle East to remaking the entire federal government. Why is this? It’s a very good question, and it seems like Jared and Ivanka are the only ones given credit for the world not being a singed radioactive hole, but with little proof of that, just a feeling that this is the right way to feel.

    Ivanka Trump has actually proved to lie as much as her father as, proven with her assertion, that Trump is the only one with a comprehensive childcare plan. Not only was this proven to be false, but Ivanka’s child care plan involved focusing on the rich, giving those making between $10,000 and $30,000 a mere $10 to help raise their kids. As John Oliver put it—

    “The only daycare that costs $10 is a padlock”

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