Adorable Dog Jealous of Newborn Baby

Puppy wants hugs also, you see.
By Alex Firer
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  • When you bring a new baby into the home, there are a lot of concerns to think about — one of which is to make sure any siblings still at a pre-adolescent age don’t feel like they’re being replaced. But worrying about the dog!? What a country!

    In the adorable viral video we see a new grandmother trying to pick up her adorable new grandkid, but she can’t! The dog, jealous and anxious that soon it won’t be the baby, grapples and grabs the grandmother’s arm, hoping to be picked up and cradled like a baby! Sorry, little dog! You know what’s even more like a baby than a little dog!? A baby!

    Still, this desperation for love, the thing we seem to love so much from dogs, is charming and cute here. Don’t worry little dog! There is a place in our hearts for you as well! Still, it’s like W.C. Fields once said, never work with dogs or children, but them not being able to work together! What a predicament, I tell yah!

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