Film Theorists Show the DNA of Rick and Morty

Did you know Rick and Morty was originally just created to receive a cease and desist?
By Alex Firer
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  • Rick and Morty was not a cartoon built in a day. No, this Schezhuan Sauce swilling, mad science drilling, go go supercool masterpiece bit of madness was seeded and developed long through the careers and works of both Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, something this video from The Film Theorists expertly explores. It goes back to the original cartoon for channel 101 from Justin Roiland — Doc and Mharti — which was created just to mess with copyright laws and see how fact they could get a cease and desist.

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  • To Rick and Morty fans this is common knowledge, but there are a few lesser known elements — for example, did you know that the character of Mr. Jellybean, and Rick and Morty’s voices were first used in a Channel 101 short? (Channel 101 was Dan Harmon’s web series showcasing company that launched a lot of talents in the aughts before his days writing Community.) The theme song to Rick and Morty was used originally for a rejected pilot by Roiland about a city of dogs. The DNA of Rick and Morty is hard to track, and this video does an impressive job of doing so.

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