Kingsman Sequel Drops First Trailer

And friends, it looks insane.
By Alex Firer
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  • Do you love ridiculous and insane action movies? Comic book movies? James Bond movies basically filled to the gills with super steroids until it maniacally flies through theaters burning out eyeballs? Then you probably loved the original Kingsman: The Secret Service film, the movie directed by Matthew Vaughn, based on the comic book by Civil War writer Mark Millar and Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons. A lot of people did! So make it no surprise that the internet was thrilled that there’s a sequel that looks about as bananas as the film that came before it — and today it dropped a trailer that the internet lost its mind for.

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  • The plot involves the protagonist Eggsy seemingly returning to a the headquarters of the Kingsmen burnt out — but whatever. We’re not here for plot with a Kingsman movie — no matter how involved it is— we’re here to watch insane action sequences with big celebrities, and action scenes and stars seem to be plentiful. Especially stars! Sure, Samuel L. Jackson is gone, but Halle Berry!? Julian Moore!? Channing Tatum!? Jeff Bridges!? Get outta here! This is the best!

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