Athony Atamanuik, Foremost Trump Impersonator Comes on Daily Show

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  • We here at What’s Trending are incredibly excited to see Anthony Atamanuik’s upcoming Trump based talk show The President Show, and for those of you yet unaware of this comedian’s brilliant powers, and eerie and bleak Trump impression, maybe caught a little preview on Monday when Anthony, as Trump, came to The Daily Show to show off his skills.

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  • Anthony enters to a series of boos — impressive considering he’s just the guy playing Trump, and proceeds to berate the Daily Show and the world around him in a send up of Trump’s weird lies and ego as he enters claiming he doesn’t know what The Daily Show is, but hates its coverage and think it is incredibly unfair. He then goes on to compare himself to a vampire (not unfair, although Atamanuik’s Trump claims that he can’t enter without being invited in, and as Trevor Noah darkly riffs— he doesn’t think that’s true with Trump). Oh! And he plugs The President Show, which we’ll do too!

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  • Don’t forget to catch Anthony Atamanuik as Trump on The President Show, this Thursday on Comedy Central at 11:30pm! If it’s even half as good as a regular Atamanuik performance, it should be a masterpiece.<.p>

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