Commuter Barbie Is the Best Barbie

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  • Carina Hsieh and Claudia Arisso: I love you. You two have just created the best version of Barbie I have ever seen. World, meet Commuter Barbie: the career girl who is running the world and running late.

    Comedians Hsieh and Arisso recently created a three-minute mock ad inspired by their fellow MTA riders. Though the fan-made doll is very reminiscent of the typical NYC millennial, millennial woman in every city can relate.

    Seriously… as an undergraduate student living in Los Angeles I probably said, “that’s SO me,” 100 times while watching this video.

    Hsieh told BuzzFeed News she and Arisso got the idea while visiting a popular New York bookstore.

    We saw a mini Strand tote bag keychain, and it set off a PTSD flashback to every canvas-lined rush hour commute we’ve ever had.

    The mock ad released on Tuesday was a hit, and had social media users commenting “relatable,” left and right.

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  • Commuter Barbie comes equipped with all of the essentials: a Metrocard, a Clif bar, a S’Well bottle, a copy of Swing Time by Zadie Smith, and of course, a Starbucks cup with her name misspelled. Babrie? Yeah, don’t know her either.

    Everything about this Barbie is perfect, and should make all millennial women feel like badasses. We may not look like we have our life together, but just you wait. We’re gonna make it.

    What do you think of Commuter Barbie? Don’t you wish she was real? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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