Dog Flips Over Fence Into Beach

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  • And now, in the dog video film festival — following Dog Screams (Dir. Lars Von Trier), Dog Has Too Much Fun At Dog Show (Dir. The Guy Who Made Little Miss Sunshine), and of course Dog Thinks It Is Baby (Dir. Lars Von Trier again), comes the following masterpiece of canine cinematic glory — Dog Flips Over Backwards On Fence To Get To Beach, known as La Chien Du La Monde overseas.

    Shot off the coast of Australia, Dog Flips Backwards Over Fence To Get To Beach — starring Rosie the Dog in what is, in this critic’s opinion — her greatest role to date — relates the journey of one dog and its excitement to be alive. It relives the glory of being at a certain age in your life, in a certain stage — where the controlled nature of pre adolescence is behind you, and the future of adulthood’s stresses and responsibilities are ahead of you. You have no choice but to joyfully flip over the fence, flying like a goof and whispering “the freedom of the future is now and also I am a dog.”

    Directed by Richard Linklater

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