Paul Thomas Anderson Directs Video For HAIM

The beloved director created a soulful vision for HAIM's new single, 'Right Now'.
By Alex Firer
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  • Paul Thomas Anderson, the venerated director behind There Will Be Blood and Boogie Nights, once did an interview with the AV Club where he stated the two films he will always watch to the end if they come on TV are Goodfellas and The Birdcage. These two selections are wonderful indicative of who the director is — someone who dabbles in so many genres, but never loses sight of the humor and humanity of his actors. Recently, he showcased this wonderfully and subtly with the release of a music video for the band HAIM‘s new song, Right Now.

    Paul Thomas Anderson’s video for the band is shot in one shot in the studio, and seems on its face light on frills — but the moody blue lighting, mixed in with the strangely human subtlety of watching these impassioned performances. The studio feels empty and lonely which reflects the heartbreak in the center of the song. It’s a beautiful and surprising concept from the brilliant director.

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