Trump Immigration Hotline Flooded With Calls About SPACE ALIENS

It's an act of protest against what many see as a xenophobic organization.
By Alex Firer

  • Following President Trump’s direction, ICE opened the office of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement, or VOICE. This office was created to crack down on people staying in the United States illegally— Although, some critics think VOICE is a ploy to specifically target and villainize immigrants, whether they are living inside the law or not.

    In any case, callers upon callers have been jamming the Voice lines as protest to discuss their sighting of space aliens — beings from other worlds — interplanetary creatures from beyond who have come here to gaze people in the eye, probe their tiny human butts, and fly off cackling their martian cackles into the cosmos.

    I mean, the space alien crimes are about as real as the crimes Trump is pinning on immigrants.

    Rock on protestors! Clogging up Trump’s xenophobic machine is a noble thing, and we could not support it more. Clog their minds with martian madness.

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