Amazon Echo Look Can Give You Fashion Advice

I'm sure it has an eye for fashion and a chip for style.
By Alex Firer

  • I want two things out of life — someone to tell me my clothes looks good or bad, and a robot best friend. It’s downright beautiful, that with the new Amazon Echo Look, we have gotten — both!?

    Amazon’s Echo Look is a new model of its line of voice operated home assistants that looks at you with a camera and work with an app called “Style Check” to make sure your wardrobe is up to snuff using an expertly guided machine. Or of course, it could just be a robot choosing between two t-shirts, what do I know!

    Right now the $200 Amazon Echo Look look is available to purchase through invitation only, so if you want a robot to tell you that you dress like a slob, you’re going to have to wait for a little bit.

    In the meantime, if you would like, I can tell you you’re dressing great.

    Hey buddy. You’re dressing great! Yes you! What do you need Amazon Echo Look for? Just read this entry to yourself whenever you’re having a fashion crisis!

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