The Best Prom Revenge Is A Bottle Of Pennies

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  • Although we here at What’s Trending don’t officially condone the act known simply as “revenge”, we do find it amusing if done in the right way. Take for example the adventure of this young woman — being left by your boyfriend of eleven (11!) months just a few days before prom is bad enough, but then her ex demanded the $95 he gave her for a party bus to bring a different girl to prom. Well, some would say the best revenge is living well. And it’s a pretty good revenge, but have these fans of living well considered — a bottle of pennies!?

    Because a bottle of pennies is exactly how sweet vengeance was enacted after the young lady returned the guy’s ninety five dollars in the tiny little coins! Oof. So heavy! Check them out above! What’s this goon going to do with all those pennies!? It’s a mystery!

    Twitter had a good old time of course pondering those pennies.

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