Fyre Music Festival Is an Unbelievable Disaster

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  • A luxury music festival is a ridiculously extravagant affair, and Fyre Festival — created by Ja Rule — started off no different. Tickets were a ridiculous $1,000 – $12,000 an the acts lined up included Major Lazer, Pusha-T and Blink 182. This sounds like a wonderful idea for a festival if you have a little bit of extra money — that is until everything went bad. Hilariously, gloriously bad.

  • Blink-182 cancelled, and many were unable to leave Florida to make it to the festival. Those may have been the lucky ones, as the musical festival soon turned into the equivalent of a disaster zone. The bands were gone, all the fine food promised was turned into some toast and cheese slices, and none of the people who run the festival were anywhere to be found. The cabins meant to stay in turned out to be disaster relief tents — appropriately enough, as it truly felt like one — and feral dogs roamed the grounds as flights had an incredibly difficult time getting in and out.

    How this came to be is absolutely confusing, and festival organizer Ja Rule’s statement offers no clear answers, although he does promise a quick solution —

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  • However, part of that solution involves padlocking concert goers in the airport with no food and water. Who knows how this will end. Probably badly. Hopefully with everyone back home soon.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

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