Man Shockingly Calm When Robbed

Hell, he's more annoyed than anything.
By Alex Firer

  • Boy oh boy, the calmness in crisis some people can have! It’s very impressive! For example, check out this Jimmy Johns cashier who remains weirdly calm — even flippant — when a gun is pointed to his head during a robbery. He gives the guy his cash as if he was just handing back change after an order, with a vibe of going “oh boy, it’s only a few minutes until I had to leave anyway. Why does this have to happen during my watch. Boy oh boy.

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  • This is even more gloriously accentuated when you see his rubber glove fall into the garbage from off screen. This kind of calmness in the face of a hold up can only be achieved through endless cynicism and apathy for your service job. That aspect, we here at What’s Trending, will always salute. By the way, according to the YouTube description, the guy has been caught! I guess that’s what happens when the guy you hold up is so flippant everyone must see the video.

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