Hasan Minhaj Kills It At WHCD Speech

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  • Hasan Minhaj, the incredible Daily Show correspondent, gave the White House correspondent’s dinner during the first year of this nightmare of a presidency. Famously, Donald Trump did not want to come, this giving the event a weird tone. Hasan Minhaj covers the weirdness slightly, but goes into just how important the free press is, and Hasan puts it— we get it. The leader of the country isn’t here because it’s a long flight from Moscow, and Vlad needs his rest! It was an amazing set! What a good set. Oh my gosh. The Trump jokes are glorious and hit everything on the head.

    Outside of very few outlets, I haven’t seen a set this biting towards the powers that be — not since Colbert’s act towards W. Bush. Maybe it’s best Trump wasn’t there. We really need that mutant face grinning and smirking at this set? Nah. Like that legendary Colbert set, it plays to silence, but delicious silence. Screw those goons, this is meant for the audience at home!

    In pure Trump fashion some goddam goon is talking back to his set the whole time. What would a Trump based dinner be without a bunch of freaks mouthing off, not understanding the basic rules of this kind of event. Hey! What a golden age of bullshit it is!

    Hasan’s harshest words were — rightfully — for the media. How dare they let Trump go and pretend their hands were clean? It’s satisfying. Hasan Minhaj. Brilliant.

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