Not The White House Correspondent’s Dinner Features Sam Bee, Will Ferrell

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  • As Hasan Minhaj hosted his brilliant speech to a hostile crowd at the Correspondent’s Dinner, Samantha Bee was doing her newly televised event —that I’m sure we’ll see quite a bit throughout this miserable presidency — the Not The White House Correspondent’s Dinner. It was an incredible event as Jeff Zucker was roasted, brilliant sketches were done and, for comedy fans, most notably, Will Ferrell returned with his beloved version of forty third president George W. Bush.

    Ferrell correctly notes— history has been kinder to him than anyone thought it would be, right? He also shows off his painting of Donald Trump — the poor ex president ran out of the color orange, my friends!

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  • Also notable? Freakin Peaches performed and opened up the event. Incredible. You can watch the entire event on YouTube on the Full Frontal Channel and it’s a pretty stunning event. What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending. Now let’s close out this entry with an image of Goofus not being able to bring himself to vote for Hillary.

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