Magic Thumb Man Takes Magic Thumbs To New Magic Level

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  • Do you know the magic thumb trick? Anyone with a classic corny uncle or themselves a corny uncle in training knows this well — when you pretend to remove your thumb — but in truth — and I apologize to the world of high end magicians for revealing this trick — tuck your other thumb into your hand to make it look like it’s sticking out. This magician however took it to the next level with this incredible finger switching techniques. Even if you know how the trick is done, you can’t help but marvel at his quick moving fingers — and his quick removed joints. Unbelievable.

    I am sure soon a Harry Potter class in thumb removal shall be taught for this magic — my friends. This magic is pure. Maybe the wizards of the world can confuse Voldermort and such with this maddening quick action.

    I wonder what all that glue in the screen is for? Do you think it’s to glue his magic thumb back on in case he drops it? Maybe!

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