MetGala 2017 is Here

The theme is the legendary Comme des Garcons brand, and the stars look glorious.
By Alex Firer
  • Ah the MetGala, that Anna Wintour/ Vogue led form of fashion glory that graces our world every year and blows our minds with non traditional fashion choices sure to sparks the imagination and change the way those who view clothing as more art than utilitarian. This year’s theme is a celebration of Rei Kawakubo and his brand Comme de Garcons.

    Comme de Garcons has always been known for its daring designs — things that are too big, things with no sleeves, and things that are daring and glorious. The Japanese designer — currently 74 — is the first living designer to have her own Met Gala since Yves Saint Laurent in 1983. It’s an impressive display, and the internet has not ignored the ridiculous and eye catching output of the event. Let’s look at some of our favorite Tweets to be discussing this glorious Anna Wintour led gala.

    Check out these stars! Jaden Smith bringing in his own dreads, a trench coat with a train (what?!), and Nicki Minaj looking gloriously bold as always. Check out these and more—

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