Kylie Jenner’s MetGala Selfie Promises to Be Queen of All Selfies

And Anna Wintour was defied to take it. That's some guts
By Alex Firer
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  • Imagine defying Anna Wintour, just imagine it, and that’s just what these incredibly heroic celebrities did to take this selfie at MetGala 2017. Never let it be said that celebrities don’t put their extremely rich selves on the line. They do it. They take risks most heroes do not in order to take this bathroom photo of themselves. Just to entertain you. Extremely impressive.

    Let’s see who’s in this photo. Well, we got Kylie Jenner, the Jenner enjoying the most non Pepsi media attention a Jenner has enjoyed. We got Frank Ocean. A$AP Rocky is in there too, dollar sign in name and all. Oh wait, there’s famed Pepsi giver Kendall Jenner! Paris Jackson! Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs! Brie Larson! Oh snap! (Selfie snap!) Right there, dead center — it’s the queen of being extremely famous herself, Kim Kardashian! And— others!! (Ashton Sanders, Luka Sabbat, Slick Woods and Lily Aldridge. Aw, yeah!)

    Of course, only time will tell if this very famous selfie will beat out the last very famous selfie — Ellen’s at the Oscars! And I can only hope so. Does every mini generation not deserve its own incredibly heroic star studded selfie!? Can you imagine we read books once! Not anymore friend! Now it’s just the selfie game for us! Oh, hells yeah!

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