Philip DeFranco Announces Formation of News Network

A bold move for an independent YouTube creator!
By Alex Firer
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  • Philip DeFranco has been an incredibly influential creator for both his commentary and for him telling the kinds of stories that a lot of outlets wouldn’t initially cover — such as Daddy o Five’s insane abuse. Philip DeFranco has decided to go more independent and split from Group Nine Media to begin a crow funded news network.

    It’s a stunning new move for a YouTube creator, but one that could lead to big ramifications. Currently YouTube stars are suffering from an unsure income model, while at the same time having a vast and deep audience that would even make some sitcom audiences jealous. Going directly to them, and bypassing pre-existing businesses is a wise move, and one that many could very likely take if the YouTube model continues to change to be less creator friendly.

    For now however, Phllip DeFranco hopes to bring in new faces, give a more even handed and fact based view of the news, and expand his channel from four to seven videos. We believe he can do it, and in doing so — direct where YouTube creator culture is going to go.

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