Jimmy Kimmel Tells Heartbreaking Story of Son’s Birth and Heart

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  • Jimmy Kimmel is not one to shy away from emotion — wether he’s discussing the death of his uncle, or discussing the death of his hero Don Rickles — but his show last night took on a more personal air when he discussed the near death of his son due to a heart condition he’s been born with. Kimmel discussed welcoming his son into his life, only to be terrified he might have to say goodbye to him. Luckily, a doctor was found and the child’s life was saved. Kimmel shows two photos to accentuate this. One tragic one of the child covered in tubes, and one of the child home and happy. Kimmel however is aware how hard the road ahead is, and finishes the segment with a plea—

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  • Kimmel notes we’re more than just Republicans and Democrats, we’re all people who want to be healthy — and keeping the ACA alive and flourishing is essential to that. Kimmel’s son, before 2014, would have to have a pre-existing condition for the rest of his life making him ineligible for healthcare. However, under the ACA, or Obamacare, he will be okay. However, it is the very same ACA Trump and his GOP goons are trying to take away. It is important, Kimmel notes, to defend it, because none of us deserve to feel afraid.

    Kimmel’s plea has sent shockwaves through the internet.

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  • And Kimmel himself responded sweetly

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