Mark Hamill Pranks For Charity

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  • I’ve heard people pranking for views, but people pranking for charity!? In this country⁄? It’s true! Mark Hamill surprised some of his biggest fans during a video for UNICEF as they acted out scenes from Star Wars. They were told to shout their favorite Luke lines, only to have the original appear behind them, shocking them and making their little nerdy hearts beat in the process.

    We like to think if Luke Skywalker was real, he too would support Star Wars: Force for Change, which gives money to charities such as UNICEF and The Starlight Children’s Foundation, and that — hey, I think Darth Vader would even do it too. Sure, maybe some folks would think a member of the Dark Side would never ever give to charity — a killer of younglings no less. But hey. People surprise you.

    You can donate to Star Wars: A Force for Change, UNICEF and The Starlight Children’s Foundation by clicking on their respective names. What do you think of the video though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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