Parents From DaddyOFive Lose Custody of Children

Following heavy scrutiny from the YouTube community, Mike and Heather have lost custody of two children.
By Alejandra Moedano
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  • Heather and Mike Martin, the couple behind DaddyOFive, have come under fire by the YouTube community and the mainstream media. DaddyOFive described itself as a family prank channel, but many people saw the pranks go beyond trickery into physical and verbal abuse.

    The abuse seemed to be focused more on the Martin’s two adopted children, siblings Emma and Cody. The Martins appeared on Good Morning America to assert their claim that the videos were staged.

    It started as family fun… we wanted the views… it was for shock value.

    Today, Cody and Emma are back with their birth mother, Rose Hall, in North Carolina.

    Hall, still feeling the exhaustion of this custody fight, states it was “very heartbreaking to see [her] kids [being] abused,” in the DaddyOFive videos.

    Hall continued by thanking the YouTube community for reporting on DaddyOFive and also thanked those who helped get Cody and Emma back home and getting the help they need.

    Here at What’s Trending, we are thankful there is a happy ending for Cody and Emma. It shows what can happen when people speak out against something wrong.

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