Parody: Ten Things Nobody Knows About Guardians of the Galaxy

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  • So you think you’re a real Guardians of the Galaxy dweeb? A real Guardians zombie Doof Mcgoof, eh? A real Guardians of the Galaxy Super Groot Rocker Raccoon Go Go Uber Fan? But do you know these facts? Probably not, because no one knows these facts! Of course that’s because they were made up — by me! Alex Firer and Adam Bozarth! Yeah, that’s right, we made up a bunch of fake Guardians of the Galaxy facts! You want to hear them? Check out the video above!

    Now I know what you’re thinking — did Groot really say “Freedom to the people of Tibet” before he was bucked by the Chinese censors? And is it true that James Gunn became a director by falling asleep in front of a monster movie. Some would say “100% no!”, and I say “Mmm, maybe!”. Mysteries abound.

    But what do you think of this video we poured our hearts and souls into? Remember, negative opinions will 100% make us cry, so leave them in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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