Why Philip DeFranco and Other YouTube Stars Are Leaving YouTube

By Alejandra Moedano
Philip DeFranco is planning to launch his own independent media channel.
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • One of YouTube’s most well known personalities, Philip DeFranco, is leaving YouTube to launch his own independent media channel, DeFranco Elite. The new platform is being funded through patreon with support from his fans.

    There have been so many changes on YouTube lately, and we haven’t spoken out about them as a platform, but we finally think it’s time.

    The decision to go to a crowdfunded support system comes after months of change around YouTube’s monetization policies.

    In 2016, creators publicly criticized YouTube for demonetizing creator content for not being “advertiser friendly.” The smallest things were costing creators revenue, and at times, creators were not even notified.

    DeFranco, who makes use of colorful language, believes that demonetizing videos due to language use is a form of censorship. It’s changes like these that are pushing content creators away from the platform.

    Casey Neistat has also spoken out about ad revenue and a lack of communication between creator and platform. Like these well-known creators, others are following suit with h3h3 and PewDiePie planning to move to Twitch.

    It’s kind of funny that all of this is happening while YouTube is heavily promoting YouTube Red.

    Interesting that all this happening just as YouTube is pushing their premium service, YouTube Red. Almost as if they’re saying, “Hey, kids. You don’t want that boring, free stuff… you wan’t fancy, premium content!”

    While YouTube’s recent changes are doing more harm than good for a number of creators, the folks here at What’s Trending are incredibly happy that DeFranco is moving forward with his own platform and wish him the best of luck!

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