Back to the 90’s by Ben Giroux and Jensen Reed Will Warm Your Inner Gak

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  • There have been 90’s pastiches before, but few as strangely lovingly intricate as Ben Giroux and Jensen Reed’s music video Back to the 90’s. The video begins with a young man not knowing the value of a walkman, so our two 90’s hosts take it upon themselves, to celebrate the best and oddest that the decade had to offer — in faithful recreation of the best and oddest in question.

    In the video we witness a celebration of Nickelodeon slime — as the hosts are slimed — actual animation of Doug and Ren and Stimpy, and Ninja Turtle costumes, VH1 pop up video, Celebrity Death Match and expensive looking Backstreet Boys recreations sure to splatter your mind gak all over (aka, blow your mind in 90’s terms). In the end the kid accepts the walkman, and I’m sure goes on the hunt to find many a tape to listen to– maybe a nice Space Jam soundtrack? Oh, maybe.

    What do you think of the video though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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