Firetruck Lights Up Baby’s Life

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  • p>Imagine a passion, a passion you have for something that swells deep in your heart that no other human being can take from you. For some it might be music, nostalgia. For a certain writer, it’s eternally rereading his award winning write up of The Big Chicken to strangers on the subway. But to one tiny child, it’s a firetruck. The glory and perfection of a firetruck. Firetruck big big and good? My friends, it does me much joy to tell you — yes. Firetruck big big and good good.

    Watch the Chuck Klosterman of big red cars run around, bediapered, telling his parents of the glorious red fire fighting beacon of hope sitting just outside his tiny baby reach. Yes! The adorable endorphins have fired off! The baby has seen the light of the big big siren and must inform the world! The Paul Revere of Big Trucks runs through the rooms, telling his parents about the acts of truckery that have come before. The world. Must. Know.

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