Delta Kicks Man and Baby Off Flight

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  • We really live in a golden age of giant forces treating people like turds under their boot. Wether it’s absolutely cowardly congressmen passing a repeal on Obamacare, or the violent beating of the doctor by United and friends — these acts aren’t going to end any time soon, are they? For example, just this week, Delta Airlines kicked off a family with a child from Huntington Beach, California who refused to give up their child’s seat for another passenger. In an eight minute long video, we see the family confronted and hold firm in their refusal to give up the seat, only to eventually be given the boot.

    As the child’s father reveals, the baby can only fall asleep in his baby seat, hence why they bought it — and as Delta reveals, their love of human life is nil, as it was for United. If one airline just came out and said “We don’t overbook! We’re not going to give in to the endless Monopoly”, boy, I would appreciate that even more than complimentary headphones or a cup of water.

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