May the Fourth Be With You: BB-8 Body Paint

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  • Jody Steel comes into office to paint up our very own host Shira Lazar up as her favorite Star Wars character, BB8. This is here to help us at What’s Trending celebrate May the Fourth, the day when all good boys and girls stop what they’re doing to discuss the eight canonical movies, many spin off books and comics and official Watto masks used to celebrate the Star Wars saga — a saga, dare we discuss, that BB-8 is a bold part of.

    Rub your eyes in disbelief as Shira Lazar — once a human like you or I — becomes the robot known simply as the mighty BB-8. “Are you the real BB-8” you will whisper in abject terror. “Can human transform into droid with quite such ease”? My friend. On Star Wars day. Absolutely.

    Who would you want to be painted as if you had a make up expert as brilliant as Jody Steel to help you? Is it Watto? Is it two Wattos? How about three Wattos? Maybe four Wattos? I’m just throwing out ideas here! Potentially five Wattos? I wouldn’t rule it out! Six Wattos? Hey man, you’re not going to find me to say no! Seven Wattos? Buddy, you’re crazy, but I like the way you think! Eight Wattos? Sure my man, I don’t see the issue with eight Wattos! Nine Wattos? That is too many Wattos. I am sorry.

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