YouTuber Arrested For Stealing Stop Signs

He should have listened to the very signs he stole!
By Alex Firer

  • The definition of what a prank is can be very vague on YouTube. For example, remember DaddyoFive? That abusive group of parents, up until the very end, claimed they were just pulling a prank. So too is the dubious prank from YouTuber RossCreations which involved pulling stop signs off their posts, only to laugh and laugh and laugh as cars breezed through them — most likely narrowly avoiding accidents.

    But! Sorry RossCreations! He is now facing third degree felonies for — you know — almost causing a bunch of car accidents and is looking for you — the viewers — to help raise his legal funds! Five grand! So I guess if you found joy in watching all these near car accidents be caused, why not chip in a few bucks! Come on! It’s just a few car accident stopping bucks! Come onnn!

    So many of RossCreations’ videos seem to be just— crimes. Check out this one where he just goes into the cars of strangers.

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  • I tell yah, how do you be a YouTube prankster without abusing kids or committing crimes!? Why, gosh darn it, it’s near impossible!

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