John Oliver CRASHES FCC Website

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  • You know the country is in trouble when John Oliver has to repeat a segment, and yet here we are. John Oliver originally covered Net Neutrality on his show some years ago, and impressively enough, got his viewers to overwhelm the database, and being a very big part of the reason that the law was eventually not enacted.

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  • For those not in the know, Net Neutrality is the idea that corporations should have no say over how quickly or slowly a website loads — as this would allow companies to force their own products on an unwitting and unwilling public and slow down the loading of websites to stop certain information from reaching people. It’s an idea the no doubt fake blonde wanna be dictator is extremely excited by. John Oliver stopped it once, and now it’s up to him to stop it again — but it’s a little harder, because — surprise, surprise — the FCC doesn’t really want to hear what you think. But they have to, and John Oliver bought out a domain to make it go to the website where you have to file it.

  • And guess what. it crashed the site again.

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  • Just go to and hit express, then fill out all the good info to make sure the FCC understands that to get rid of net neutrality is a disastrous idea. Go there! Express your thoughts! Then let us know what you think in our yet un slowed down comments at @WhatsTrending.

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