Racist Customer CAUGHT At Trader Joe’s

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  • I really hope these kinds of people are fewer and far between as time goes on, but here we go— seemingly emboldened by the presidency of Donald Trump, a woman at a Trader Joe’s in Reston, Virginia was heard saying Islamophobic things to a Middle Eastern woman waiting in line. The woman seen on camera — who seemed to have taken an entire shopping car to buy a bag of limes —implied that because Obama is out of office she can say whatever weird hateful thing she wants. She also implied Obama is in jail? What the hell is happening?

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • She was so smug about it too. Blech.

    As Adam points out in the video above — assholes have been telling us who the president is for quite some time now and maybe it’s time for everyone to just shut up and treat the people around them with a little respect.

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