Comedian Catches FIST FIGHT at Denny’s

It's actually kind of brutal.
By Alex Firer

  • Normally fist fights happen at old western saloons or in the video game “Double Dragon”, or the hit comedy movie, “Fist Fight”, but at a Denny’s!?!?! Oh no! But here it’s happened, and it’s all been caught on camera by the comedian NickNack Paddywack and like— it’s a bad fight. Sure, Nicknack’s got jokes about it, but it’s brutal.

    Any fight at a Denny’s that doesn’t utilize the different foods as weapons is— to me— a waste of a video. I’m thinking using the eggs to scorch someone’s skin, or using the potatoes to scrape down someone’s skin, or maybe using the hot sauce and pouring it in someone’s eye. I’m saying there’s a ton of options in terms of using breakfast foods to comically battle your opponent with. But were the options used!?

    My friend. They were not. But it is a pretty brutal fist fight.

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