Jimmy Kimmel DESTROYS Anti ACA Senator

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  • Kimmel aired a follow up on his show to the heartbreaking story of his child’s medical emergency and his plea for an easy and accessible healthcare so no one would need to ever go without. It was a beautiful plea that sadly— as Kimmel points out — had no effect on the creeps in the House of Representatives who passed it anyway. Hey! Way to go creeps! You took healthcare away! Creeps. Good old creeps. You did it.

    Well, Kimmel follows up on his monologue by giving us the current status of his son (healthy!), the status of the ACA repeal (where’s the empathy for the sick from congress!?!?!? Are they actually that cartoonishly greedy!?) and then he interviews Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana. Bill Cassidy claims he wants everyone to have healthcare, but his speech — focusing more on taxes and Trump’s ideas (which he supports) and seems to have absolutely zero interest in doing anything to actually make sure human beings in America have healthcare.

    What a shame. Here’s hoping this new Kimmel video once again turns the conversation towards doing some good.

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