Girl Goes To Prom in COFFIN

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  • Bless the weird teens — keeping us all on our goofy little toes! They’re the true incredible heroes out there, such as this girl who headed to prom in a coffin! Some might think this was some kind of goth thing but — apparently not! As her mom explained on Facebook —

    “This is my daughter… Others don’t understand the meaning behind it. Megan decided a year ago that this is the profession she will enter into. No disrespect meant… just a celebration of knowing what she wants to do with her life after graduation and, of course, celebrating Junior Prom.”

    This is lovely — it’s so delightfully morbid. Ah, to be young and doing ridiculous young guy stuff again! Making my Wednesday Adams but with a surprising professional focus style prom entrances. What would it be for me? Motorized writing desk? Choo choo! Baby’s got to blog!

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