MASSIVE FIGHT Breaks Out In Airline

By Alex Firer

  • Punch punch punch! That’s not the sound an airline usually makes! (Or maybe it is recently…) Fights — which are usually great in video games, are hard to watch in life, and this massive brawl in a Florida airport terminal and guys — this thing is bananas to watch. What began the fight? What reason for this fight? These are some of the mysteries of the very big fight. And what’s the story of the guy recording the fight? Such mystery.

  • This began after Spirit was cancelling flight after flight after flight — nine flights in total — boy oh boy, airlines! Not giving a fuck about humans in the news since — earlier this year I guess! I mean, I can’t blame anyone for being stressed. Have you heard this United stuff!?!? Come on. Flying is stressful and the stress keeps on coming!

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