We Drew Recreations of Spicer Hiding in Bushes Like Normal Cool Person

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  • It sounds like we had another brilliant and awkward moment from human meme/fascist apologizer Sean Spicer — and this one was just too weird to believe. Upon hearing that the press was there — not surprising considering that Sean Spicer’s job relies on basically talking to them — Sean Spicer proceeded to reportedly hide in the bushes. Anything to avoid talking about that Comey firing I guess.


    As there was no video evidence, here is a recreation I made of Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes.

  • Comey recreation wt 1

    Source: i.imgur.com / Via: i.imgur.com

  • There we go. Sean Spicer then said he would only do the press conference if the press turned off its cameras and all the lights were turned out. Sean Spicer then gave a conference in complete darkness where he avoided questions in a hostile manner.

    Here is another recreation of Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes drawn by our social media specialist Alejandra Moedano.

  • Spicer wt recreation2
  • Here’s one Adam Bozarth drew of him.

  • Spicer bushes boz

    Source: i.imgur.com / Via: i.imgur.com

  • Now here’s one of him as a giraffe! Wow!

  • Comey wt recreation3

    Source: i.imgur.com / Via: i.imgur.com

  • As usual, the people of Twitter had some good takes and bakes ready for this ridiculous clown we have as the face of our slow moving descent into utter fascism.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

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