Russians Laughing At Us: Comey Edition

Trump's finally right. The world is laughing at us, at long last.
By Alex Firer

  • We’ve covered the Comey firing story from a variety of angles — be it Late Night’s reactions or beautifully rendered recreations of Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes to avoid having to talk about it — but now we have a new angle on things — the Russians laughing at us angle! Oh hells yeah my man, oh hells yeah!

    First up is Russian ambassador to the US, Sergey Lavrov, who, when the press tried to ask him and “world’s most obvious Russian plant”, Rex Tillerson about the situation, Sergey Lavrov turned around and pretended this was the first time he was finding out about it.

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  • Meanwhile, Putin was question by a journalist on the matter while decked out in ridiculous hockey garb. He said he found the question of what he thought about the Comey getting fired funny, and invited the woman to come play hockey with him.

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  • Anyway, Trump is finally right. At long last the world is laughing at us. At long last. Finally. We are the butt of the joke internationally. Amongst the many things the bloated turd emperor has done — that has been amongst them.

    Congratulations, all.

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