Brilliant “a history of the world I guess” Video Take Internet By Storm

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  • I miss the old days of the internet — when it was run by sweet nerds who hated their jobs and had too much time on their hands. When intellectualism was prized above all else, and comics like XKCD and Achewood made their way around a glorious nerd friendly internet. That’s why it warms my heart to see a video like a history of the entire world i guess incredibly making the rounds. The video is the internet at its greatest — a subtle, quiet and charming vision of the entire billion year history of the Earth told through charming images and in under 20 minutes.

    The video is made by Bill Wurtz whose website is a collection of all of this kind of charm and more. More videos, more explanation, and more just general incredibly dry silliness. What could equal with an entire history of the world though? He warned us subtly about it on Twitter of course…

  • What do you think of the video though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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