Slo Mo Guys Dive Into 10,000 Mouse Traps!

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  • We love a good cartoon inspired challenge, and this is one such situation! We know the set up from countless Tom and Jerry cartoons — Tom, setting a trap up for the mouse whom he’s chasing, leaves so many mousetraps around him, only to realize he has trapped himself in there. He then proceeds to— with nothing but pain in his system — run through the many mouse traps as he tries to chase down Jerry into what can only be called “the abyss”. And the Slo-Mo guys are about to imitate this stunt.

  • Gaze in awe as the Slo Mo guys jump onto a trampoline covered in so many mouse traps it cannot be believed. Watch in awe as they snap around the slo mo guys! Is it not beautiful!? Is it not glorious!? Not a lot of pain was caused, but ah the little mouse trap snaps! Slo Mo guys, I salute you.

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