Nuggs Guy, We’re Begging You, Don’t Fly United

Nuggs Guy, you will get pummeled.
By Alex Firer

  • Nuggs guy, about whom we’ve written a poem, has gained some fame as of late after gaining victory in his epic quest for a year’s worth of Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets after Tweeting about it online. A hero. United is now in hot water for beating a man violently, killing a rabbit and being filled with scorpions. A zero. What do these two have in common? Where do they cross over? Well shortly before revealing themselves to be violence crazed turd heads, United invited Nuggs Guy for free flights through their service.

  • And amazingly enough, the offer is still on the table. United is trying to fix its new, never to go away, reputation as insane violence fascist animals on whose airline you should never, ever, ever fly by inviting a nugget crazed kid out to flights.

    Nuggs Guy — please. Don’t go on this flight. You will get beaten violently. The people on Twitter responded —

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