SNL’s Cut For Time Sketch Lampoons “The Bachelorette”

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  • SNL’s process is so incredibly complex that often sketches — sketches that are perfectly good, and good enough to get on SNL — get cut as the process goes onwards and onwards. Some of those sketches even get cut from the dress rehearsals — dress rehearsals that are, to the luck of us SNL fans, recorded for posterity.

    The sketch stars Sasheer Zamata as the first black bachelorette as she is harangued by a line of white guys awkwardly interacting with her about race. One guy asks her if she saw Get Out, and before she says a word makes sure she hears his progressive opinion on it, Kyle Mooney raps about Black Live Matter at her, and even Chris Pine— darling, handsome Chris Pine — says that white males are the new minority before Sasheer Zamata chases him away.

    It’s a great satirical sketch — but what do you think? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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