MySpace Tom helps French YouTuber Get a Visa and Become an American Movie Star — Stranger Than Fiction!

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  • Remember Tom, your first friend on MySpace? Turns out there’s a lot of benefits to that OG friendship! At least there is if you happen to be a budding indie filmmaker from France, named Serge Ramelli.

    In a wild, endearing, pull-at-your-heart strings post on Facebook (YES, Facebook!), MySpaceTom, bestows enormous praise on the relatively unknown vlogger. After first helping Serge to achieve a green card and come to America, Tom has now rallied his million+ followers on Facebook to get Serge’s indie film noticed by Hollywood.

    The film–The Hollywouldnt’s–and the engaging story of Tom trying to help Serge feel like a cross between #nuggsforcarter and La La Land!

    For our part, we’re rooting for the lovable Frenchman Serge. His indie film looks heartfelt, scrappy, and polished all at the same time!

    Go watch the trailer and Get the full story from Tom’s post here:

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