Colbert Finally Got Trump To Insult Him

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  • Oh, he’s been trying so hard — he’s been hoping and praying and joking and goofing and getting into trouble with the FCC but — as Late Show host Stephen Colbert announced last night — he finally did it! Trump has called Stephen Colbert overrated, and Colbert couldn’t be more delighted!

  • Trump declared that he gave Colbert his best ratings, that they were going to take him off the air if it wasn’t for him — it’s the same kind of criticism that Trump has labeled at those who have insulted him in the past — from Meryl Streep to Hamilton — and Colbert is overjoyed! Doesn’t he know, laughs Colbert, this is what he wanted this whole time! He’s been waiting so long for the president to make fun of him, and now that the day is finally here, he doesn’t know what to do! Just as Colbert was once loathed by George W. Bush, now he has found another president who knows he exists and bristles at his jokes! Congrats, Colbert, congrats!

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