Melissa McCarthy Seen Cruising Down 5th Avenue as Sean Spicer

It's just gotta be for SNL!
By Alex Firer

  • Melissa McCarthy was seen traveling the streets of NYC, donned in the garb of press secretary, and famed bush hider inner, Sean Spicer as she rides down the streets of Fifth Avenue in the back of her famed Sean Spicer podium! Sean Spicer has had a hell of a week – hiding in the bushes, maybe being fired by Trump pretty soon — so it makes sense when Melissa McCarthy’s about to host SNL this weekend — so we need the greatest Sean Spicer bit of them all, during what was a pretty insane week for Sean Spicer.

    What do you think the sketch will be? A cold open cutaway to Spicer as he bolts out to the street? Will Sean Spicer, in the SNL world finally lose his little fragile human mind? Or is this just how Melissa McCarthy gets to work now? My thought — probably all three. Especially the latter! What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.