Here’s SNL’s Latest Melissa McCarthy/Spicer Sketch

How did Sean Spicer become a classic SNL character?
By Alex Firer
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  • Ah, Sean Spicer. Somehow you have become SNL’s greatest break out character in years — up there with Mike Myers’ Wayne and Kristen Wiig’s Target Lady — the two greatest comedy personas of all time. And now we have a third classic comedy persona — Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer! We’ve seen Sean Spicer squirt people with a water gun. We’ve also seen him celebrate Easter. And now we see Sean Spicer as we’ve never seen him before — taking his act on the road, baby!

    Also, Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders is spooky. Boy oh boy.

    We see Spicer hiding in bushes, we see Spicer playing with a Russian nesting doll — one of which was Jake from Adventure Time. Oh bless thee SNL, truly you have everything a kind soul needs. Oh, Slimer is in this too!

    Then we see Spicer fly onto the road on his podium to find Trump in a touching music sequence — is that what Melissa McCarthy was shooting on Friday? Oo la la! What a fancy show!

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