Cool Baby Waits For The Beat To Drop

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  • Friends, you have never seen someone so young get the beat quite so well as this very baby — this Uptown Funk dancing baby patiently waiting for the beat to drop. The baby sits there, looking focused as all heck — listening to the track. She waits, awaits the moments she can truly let her dance moves go all out. She holds up one tiny finger. Folks, do not dance yet, the beat simply has not dropped. Wait. Wait. Wait.

    There we go! The moment the beat drops the baby’s tiny little limbs wiggle and swivel unto ad nauseam as the joy in her face becomes infinite. You need to be at least seventeen to know when to dance when the beat drops. Me, I’m still an awkward mess on the dance floor, but this tiny little baby knows exactly when to move her adorable little limbs to the music! Oh hells yeah! Dance you adorable little infant, dance! Dance!

    As for me, my favorite version of this song is the one with Waluigi in it.

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