Serious Baby Has No Time For Goofy Bouncing

I will never be as gloriously serious
By Alex Firer
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  • It’s been an incredible Monday for babies with weirdly adult attitudes — such as this baby we found this morning waiting for the beat to drop — but toddlers with unbelievable bouncing rhythm and serious energy? Friend, we have that too! When a man recorded his nephew jumping about a bounce house, the internet went mad.

    No, you see, this young man has no time for the foolish rollings and ramblings of his fellow two year old peers. No, my friend. His hands are in his pockets, his face, a serious visage, no doubt considering the greater works of Chaucer or considering the latest New Yorker Talk of the Town and thinking about laughing at the latest cartoon of a therapist talking about how his children play too many iPhone games.

    Serious baby, we salute you.

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